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Friday, 12 November 2010

Hair accessories

I adore hair slides, so obviously love making them. I have a little collection made now so thought I would show you. All of these are for sale in my folksy shop. Enjoy!

<--- A trio of purple and brown coloured slides, purple and brown are my two favourite colours, I had to make something with these!

Winter Blues ---->

These slides I call the 'Nature Beach' Slides as they remind me of summer's nature. I've included a real shell found in a beach here in Ireland and a stunning beautiful fabric button with a butterfly on.
I love these ones

These orange and yellow slides are perfect for brightening up any old plain outfit. The colours beautifully complement each other and the set is truely unique.

I think these slides are so kitsch and cute. 'Polka dot Rain' a gorgeous trio.

My last set of hair slides in my shop are my favourite set.
Also completely unique, they consist of 3 stunning vintage style chic slides!
I'll let the picture speak for itself

I hope you enjoyed my hair slides!

P.s. all are £10 a set if you have to have them!


  1. They're lovely! I wish I had a hairstyle that would work with them. x