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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Folksy Sunday

I know I'm posting this very late today, but I haven't been well!
My first Folksy Sunday - I've decided on the theme Winter Blues.
I hope you see something you like, Just click on the links below the pictures to shop :)

Dab and a Dash

Treacher Creatures

Lonely Hearts
Laura's Little Lovelies
And although these next few items are not blue or wintery.... I couldn't leave them out! They'd all be great christmas gifts though!

Cinnamon Jewellery
Thanks for visiting!


  1. This is a fab treaury, congrats on setting up your blog, I love your background its so pretty and feminine :-)

  2. Thank you for featuring my BOT notebook...amongst such a great selection.Love the blue duck jewellery but hard pushed to find a favourite :o)

  3. No problem everyone! Lorna May I know what you mean there's so many shops it's hard to pick just one item to show off from!!